My Granddad brought his family to Brighton on summer day trips, to escape a drab post-war London. He found utopia in a pot of cockles, a deck chair and a bottle of light ale. I found a utopia of my own in a city with broad horizons, which is what inspired me to set up a studio here in 2010.

Having gained a wealth of experience in agency-land, we pull on this knowledge to offer creative solutions across a variety of brand challenges. We believe in simple, direct communication and apply this to print, screen and environmental design.

Please take some time to look at the work and give us a call.

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    Black Parrots

    Black Parrots is an interior design partnership formed by Alexa De Castilho and Sarah Mitchenall in late 2015 as a response to Sarah’s success in the BBC series — The Great Interior Design Challenge. The Black Parrots brand identity would be largely formed by the products and personalities behind the business and so the visual identity would need to be versatile enough to act as a framework for this.


    Parrots are often thought of as flamboyant birds, revered for their colour and vibrancy. The idea of a black parrot throws up an interesting paradox. Trying to develop a cohesive story through the connection of the business to the name was a challenge, but when you boil it all down what the business does, is effectively feather nests. This gave us a more conceptual basis from which to build the visual identity. A simple typographic solution was developed for the word marque with the sharp serifs of the font resembling the talons and beak of a parrot. The simplicity of the monochrome identity acts very much as a canvas for the creative output of the business.